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Windy Pandas go to and put on the best events around. Whether it’s training, racing or social events, have a look!

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With a 10 year strong history we have seen many Pandas enrolled with the best looking dragon boat crew around, find out about our 10 generations

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The best looking dragon boat crew around
Are you ready for PANDA-MONIUM

Our team ethos is based on having fun, team spirit and friendship. Formed in 2008 as a charity crew, we have now moved giant steps towards world domination. We train twice a week at the London Regatta Centre, East London and more importantly, we have regular socials and other off boat activities.

Dragon boating is a vehicle, to try out something different, improve fitness and to form new friendships, sometimes for life.

Windy Pandas is a dragon boat team unlike any other.

- Jeremy Cheung, Chairman

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