Committee Team

Chairman : Jeremy “Jokey-Jokemaker” Cheung

Having formed the team in 2008, Jeremy captained the Pandas for the first five years. He then went on to become Chairman, overseeing the club for the past three years. His involvement recently includes moving the club into competing in the UK National league and also purchasing Windy Panda’s very own boat. Jeremy still regularly trains and competes at races and outside of Dragon Boating, he works as a 3D Artist specialising in creating images and animation for architecture.


Coach : Paul “Get Over It” Coster

Paul joined Windy Pandas in 2011 as a temporary coach for one year and instead found himself enjoying the Pandas far more than anticipated. He continued as coach up till today and is now the longest serving coach since Windy Pandas was formed. Paul has seen them grow from strength to strength, from winning their first charity event to joining the British Dragonboat Association, racing against very established racing teams. Outside dragonboating Paul was a lecturer in computer science at a university in Uxbridge, but has for the last 12 years work for an adult education college in East London.  He enjoys a lot of different types of sport and will try anything once; his only one pet hate is running.


Captain : Quy “God of McNuggets” Ban

Quy joined the Windy Pandas by fate, where he was asked to be a photographer for their 2012 Panda Awards Ceremony. He later joined the G6 crew and has caught the Dragon Boating bug ever since, from his debut at Marlow 2013 to training with team GB. Was one of the victims of the infamous Venice sinking incident. He took on the helm of Captain in 2016 to lead WP into a more competitive year. Aside from dragon boating, Quy also runs a LED lighting website and is part-founder of a fitness community.


Vice Captain : Dave ‘KFC’ Chan


Vice Vice Captain : Christine ‘Ninja’ Liu

Head of Social / Sponsorship Officer : Jennifer “Sensei” Chung

Having (officially) joined in 2015, Jennifer has volunteered to obtain global sponsorship for the best looking team. This year she has taken on the role of Head of Social, now called SoComm SoCool (ho cool right?). Whilst still learning to perfect her twist and reach she often supplies large quantities of food and snacks to fuel the team on race days. Outside of Dragon boating she’s the only one holding a 100% attendance record in participating in the WP Tag Rugby team. She also runs a Friday Badminton club at Bacons College and works as a Management Accountant.


Social Officer : Alan ‘The Rack’ Lam

Alan was recruited as part of the original best looking crew by Captain Jez back in 2008. Apart from being awesome as a pocket rocket, pacer, powerhouse, drummer, helm, boat cleaner… He was also the Vice Vice Captain and Vice Captain during G2 and G3 season respectively. When he’s not dragon boating, he enjoys Tag Rugby, football, badminton and Broga (Yoga for Bros). He is always on the look out to recruit young and fit pandas to join him in these other activities, so don’t be shy and drop him a “Hi” if interested


Social Officer : Erica ‘Freestyler’ Lau

Erica joined the pandas in 2015 after being lured in with the prospect of weekly dim sum (She loves her steamed custard buns and egg tarts!) On the water, Erica is trying not to do the chicken wing but out of the water, Erica loves eating chicken wings. Outside of paddling, Erica is a keen Hip Hop and Popping dancer and  currently works as a Risk Analyst. Erica’s goal this year is to help promote SoComm SoCool’s uber awesome activities this year #SignUpPpl!


Social Officer : Leanne ‘Hulk’ Cheung

Leanne joined the Pandas in 2015 as a member of the best looking generation, G8, after spotting a quality limited edition Vancouver Panda t-shirt on yours truly, Vice Vice Captain, Christine ‘Ninja’ Liu at their regular badminton club. Wanting to own a bespoke tee herself, Leanne asked about the Windy Pandas and the rest was history! She is now assisting the 2016 SoComm SoCool committee to bring the team endless, fun-filled activities. Outside of Dragon Boating, Leanne enjoys sleeping and eating (repeat!) and works in Private Wealth Management as an Analyst.


Treasurer : Mivan “Vermicelli” Lim

Mivan fully joined the Pandas in 2014 after making some one off appearances the previous two years before. She has taken on the role of being the Panda’s official treasurer since 2015, which sees Mivan managing the finances for the club, making sure invoices are raised and costs are paid on time. Other than training/competing with the Pandas, Mivan works in a Law firm as the Assistant Manager of their client contact team.


Media Officer : Cheng “Epic” Ly

Cheng joined the Pandas in 2012 during the epic G5 season of which the pandas went to compete in San Francisco for their annual Treasure Island world Dragon Boat event – of which we came away with a medal! It was also the year that the Pandas won the Lions event by just a few milliseconds! Cheng first met the pandas through a dodge ball event and subsequently thought they were a dodgeball team! Ting Yau had to correct and introduced him to paddling and brought him to a training session the following week. Cheng now works in the Digital Media field and it would seem fitting that he would also take care of the website and content.