Generation One

The first generation of pandas were raw, fresh and hungry. Containing the strongest line up of power pack paddlers of any generations, the mix of the power and the unexpected earned the Windy Pandas their first ever medal finish; coming in 2nd at Bewl Water Dragon boat festival. History was made.

Generation Two

With many generation one Pandas retiring with their new found fame and fortune or stepping up to take on bigger fish, a core group of generation one Pandas were left to mix it up with the newbie generation two recruits. The joining of generation two formed a technically gifted crew of 2009, which earned consistent placing at events, and also earning a record fast 250m time at the London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival.

Generation Three

With many of generation one and twos Pandas deciding to carry on with their superstar padding careers, generation three is the smallest group to join the Pandas. However each one brought their own unique strengths and contributions to the crew (which included an on board medic, gymnast and neighbourhood hero) to further compliment the already impressive line up of experience and explosive enthusiasm.

Generation Four

Generation four saw paddlers drafted in from Typhoon Dragon Boat Club to assist with the Pandas first international event in Hong Kong. Also the dreams of a local Hong Kong resident came true, when the drummer was recruited from thousands of applications, who wanted to be part of the best looking dragon boat crew in the world. In addition were a few specially chosen athletes who could adapt and fit into the Pandas intense physical /dim sum eating regime, and also the fun Panda team culture.

Generation Five

Generation Five came in a special year where we celebrated a number of triumphs and as well the year of the London Olympics. We also competed in the 2012 San Francisco Dragon Boat festival race and had one of our best parties over there! Our Panda Swagga had resonated across the Atlantic and we were instantly made famous. 2012 was an even more special year due to the fact we had won the Lions event in which we always came so close yet so far from winning!

Generation Six

Generation Seven

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