December 31, 2018

Testimonial & Blog

Have a read through some testimonials and articles. There is never a dull moment with the Panda’s, and we’re always constantly building on friendship and bonds. Have a read below!

Drummer: Fiona “Out of Time” Hoang
Captains Logbook, Written by “Jokey Joke-maker” Cheung The position of the drummer is often considered as the least important and the
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Drummer: Ting “Pouting At” Yau
Captains Logbook, Written by “Jokey Joke-maker” CheungThe position of the drummer is often considered as the least important and the person
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Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships 2011
Stanley, Hong Kong – 6th June 2011 – written by Stephanie ‘Judas’ Ng After Saturday’s strenuous training session at
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Pre-Hong Kong Photoshoot
One of the Panda traits required to join the team, is the need to “act natural” in front of the
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Newbie Initiation – March 2011
At the start of the season, every new member of the Windy Pandas will need to go through an ‘initiation’
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Top Secret – Pandas Sporting Armour
It’s been asked many times the secret of the Pandas success. Here at the Official Panda website, we shall reveal
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Windy Pandas 2010 Season
This is the Windy Panda’s third season and then team has evolved into a team with three generations worth of
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History – Bewl Water September 2008
Writing about the spiritual birthplace is not easy when its one of the most important piece of sporting event since
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Welcome to the Windy Pandas website
Greetings to the all the Panda fans across world! We would like to welcome you to our official website!  
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